Project Locations

Project Project Type Description
Chorro Creek Ecological Reserve Land Acquisition

A 580-acre ranch, once slated for a golf course and resort, was aqcuired and turned into a State of California Ecological Reserve. The ranch includes critical Morro Bay watershed lands and floodplains as well as the lower foothills of the striking local landmark, Hollister Peak. (New Paragraph) An extraordinary opportunity to acquire this ranch for open space arose in 2000. Frustrated by the permitting process required to develop the parcel, the owner placed the property on the market.

Walters Creek Riparian Restoration Project - Phase II Restoration

The Walters Creek Riparian Restoration Project - Phase II is part of a long-term strategy to reduce excessive sedimentation in the Morro Bay Estuary and improve conditions for steelhead in the Morro Bay Watershed through habitat enhancement measures. These enhancement measures seek to improve physical habitat because the amount and quality of physical habitat controls the number of juvenile steelhead and adult spawners that can be supported in the watershed.